Components and structures
Monitoring material behavior, work environment and loads imposed during operation or during the installation and commissioning steps, is fundamental to ensure the operational safety of equipment, components and engineering structures. The vast knowledge of all parts that constitute a monitoring system allows SIFT to offer varied solutions enabling monitoring with safety, reliability, agility and efficiency.
Flexible Pipelines and umbilicals
Flexible pipelines and submarine umbilicals are highly critical components essential for the operation of offshore oil production systems. SIFT has extensive experience in monitoring full-scale tests for homologation of these components with technologies that allow damage detection in structural and communication elements, such as tensile reinforcements, hoses and optical and electrical cables.
Test monitoring
SIFT offers real-scale or reduced-scale instrumentation and test monitoring services through the use of the most appropriate sensing technology for each case. The company also develops its own sensors and equipment to best meet the specific needs of some tests.